MOXIE aims to serve as a platform for creations by African women, non-binary and gender-nonconforming individuals.

We aim to encourage, support and collaborate with young African voices in broadening conversations that we find necessary.

The hope is that MOXIE becomes a safe place for us to share our talents across the continent. 



Michel’le Donnelly is a constantly constipated writer, content creator, and all round fucking KWAN who is always thinking with her stomach. She considers herself to be loyal but would not think twice to sell her sister for a can of coke, a pepperoni pizza, and a good TV show. Fave Quote: “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: no fear”. – Nina Simone


Tshegofatso Senne is a Black, queer feminist baby witch. She spends her time wading through the waters of doing a masters in South African Sign Language, writing, consulting and trying to take over the world.

Her interests include adding books to her reading list, surviving anxiety, talking and thinking about sexual and reproductive health, collecting hobbies, doodling in her bullet journal and making lists.

She finds lists relaxing; writing this bio was on her list. She is also an aspiring cat mom. 


Lebo is a weirdpizzaeatinglonerstoner, dedicated to saving the lives of all creatives from their impending broke futures. She guarantees that she shoots, but not to kill.


Jeanesse is our silent but deadly video editor that takes care of our video content.

Since graduating, she has gathered an extensive list of projects under her belt, from editing Live At Parker’s for Comedy Central, to MTV’s beloved prank show #YouGotGot.

While still young in the industry, her passion for sharing the art of visual storytelling makes her a great addition to a team. With a mind full of crazy visions, it reflects in her ability to spit ideas like fireworks on New Years.

This is one shorty you do not want to mess with.

candice moxie


Candice is a fun loving human-being, who accepts and loves everyone for who they are. She mostly loves to be around people that give value to her world and will do almost anything for them. Goodbye average Joe’s, hello maniacs!

She can be feisty when she has to be and doesn’t like her time wasted. Her favourite hobby is being busy and at times gives herself more than she can handle, but always manages to get it done just in the nick of time (sometimes). She takes control and loves to be the boss (cue “Kelis – Bossy”)

She has a gangster living inside of her and jams to Rihanna, Nasty C, Black Bear and John Legend and just about anything else that will ignite the thug within her. Her idea of relaxation is watching movies and shows, drinking hot chocolate or Five Roses tea and eating tasty food. Food is love, food is life.

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