The Fruit Basket Fundraiser

The Fruit Basket is running a campaign to raise funds for Gender Affirming Surgeries for Transgender Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees in South Africa.

“Our community is disadvantaged in so many ways, and most of us do not have the financial capacity to have these surgeries done privately.  Unfortunately, the public hospitals that do offer these surgeries have waiting lists that are 25 years long, and most of the members of our community do not even qualify to be added to these waiting lists because they are undocumented. We also understand that Transgender South African Citizens need these free services and to ease the burden on the public health system we have decided to try and do something and raise money for these surgeries for ourselves.”

The organisation will be selling t-shirts and other merchandise (see examples below).

Donations will also be collected through the MOXIE Live! Showcase taking place on Sunday, November 1st 2020. The showcase will be streamed live and you can donate whenever you can.

Head to The Commune’s Facebook page for more details.


Bank Name: First National Bank (FNB)

Account Name: The Fruit Basket

Account Number: 62860449589

Branch Code: 253305

About The Fruit Basket

The Fruit Basket is a Trans led organisation with a specific trans focus. We support transmigrants, along with other LGBQI+ migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. The Fruit Basket’s sole purpose is to make sure that this community is not ignored or forgotten. We fight for the inclusion of LGBTQI+ migrants in programs and services. We also fight to change the perception of people regarding migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. The Fruit Basket envisions a South Africa in which every person, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality or immigration status, is capable of pursuing, attaining, and retaining, meaningful and rewarding employment, in a non-discriminatory, non-xenophobic and supportive environments.

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