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Angela Nimah. Calm as the sound of her name uttered on your lips.

By Lebo Magolego

We met for the first time at Vow FM (Wits campus radio), while hosting DeepIndigoState – an Indie and Alternative Radio show. She was such a dope and talented guest on the show that I continued to follow her progress on Twitter.

Before getting into her sound, let’s begin with her stage name. Even Shakespeare himself asked, “What’s in a name?”, right? Angela, being the creative she is, decided to flip her two names around. While her first name is Tshegofatso (meaning blessing in Setswana), She chose to use her middle name ‘Angela’ and Nimah (meaning devotion in Arabic). And just like that, Angela Nimah was born.

She’s everything, really. A writer, vocalist, illustrator, and she’s the founder of crochet and knitwear brand RVL. You’ve never seen a crochet top like this before.

On her talent in illustration, we had a conversation about what it meant to her as a Black child. It’s expression. Both perception and perspective are important aspects in drawing or painting. Your entire self must be involved. Drawing from a photograph or still life, for instance is recreating a moment as closely to real as possible, purely based on how you perceive it. It’s just manipulating energy and creating a different perspective on it.”

She involved her entire self in all the forms of art she engages in. Her music career began back in 2012 and 5 years later, she’s exactly where she wants to be – in a state of growth and enjoying the process. Signed to Sacred Vision Music, she creates independently and started off with a self-categorised genre: Voodoo Soul from her first EP – The Avolution, released in 2014. In 2015 she braced us with her second EP offering, Diagnosis, followed by The Odd One In, released early last year. While her sound has remained consistent soulful, you can hear the maturity that’s apparent in her later music.

A sultry renegade who draws inspiration from artists like Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Simphiwe Dana, she’ll have you wanting to take a swim in the depth of her sounds. Locally, she’s been listening to Jalettua Nuune and Songbird.

In the meantime, take a listen to 3 of her best track recommendations, all from The Odd One In EP. Personally, New Start is too fresh. Her vocals to MphozaKai beat is like floating nude up in space with only your earphones on 😉

New Start –

Only Us –

Angela Nimah –

MOXIE Subscribers can keep in touch with Angela Nimah on:

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