Creative Things

i have never felt safe

by chosen sunflower

I have never felt safe
especially in places that we like to deem ‘secure’.
Shops, Banks, the very place you are mean to call home.
I have never felt safe.

Living isn’t safe for who knows who is looking at you
watching your every move,
pondering how to steal the only thing you own.
I have never been so scared to breathe in public
because someone might just small fear and grief.
So I hold onto my breath as if my life depends on it
but I have been told that if I hold my breath, I might just die.

I don’t hold my hands out anymore,
people just want to see what it is I am holding.
To them, my hands are golden with a touch so priceless
they hope my luck will rub off on them.

I don’t want to turn my back on any one in need
but the only thing I have to give is my love
nonetheless people won’t see that value,
they would rather have my hands and heart instead.
 out with my blood –
you will be enjoying the salted curses and hexes you have spilled
but at least I know that whatever it is that you order out to eat
blunted, rusted steel that you matched my flesh against
I won’t savour the bitter flavour of

in fight for my life versus the habit you must feed.
Let’s see who is quicker to draw their blade
that you could threaten me with.
I know that my tongue is sharper than any knife

at the very least give me the honour of pronouncing you dead.
someone in the eyes unless I shoot a look at you,
If looks could kill, I have sworn to myself that I will never look

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