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MOXIE meets Among The Lilies

Hello MOXIE readers,

My name is Mpumi Mayisa and I am the creative brain behind Among The Lilies.

What is Among The Lilies you may ask?

Among The Lilies is a platform that creates space for rising creatives to express their gifts.

We curate events that give authors a chance to share their body of work and hearts with the audience and a market called “An Ode To The Woman” that shines light on innovative black womxn entrepreneurs.

It was founded for the womxn planted in different corners of Johannesburg and find themselves on a quest for self-discovery and healing.

It goes without saying that a paradigm shift comes with a gnawing need to find a trible.

Among The Lilies was dreamt up to create a community that would allow womxn, who are business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, musicians DJ’s –oh you name it– to meet other like-minded humans and join forces, share gems, inspire, grow and glow together.

The aim is to create and cultivate fertile ground for womxn to plant their self-expression, water self-love, collaborate with like-minded lilies and take the dust off all the ideas and dreams they had safely tucked away.

Why? Because Joburg needs more communities of remarkable womxn, doing what they love and supporting each other.

2020 came bearing change that touched humans in all the corners of the earth intimately and love is the thing that I feel the universe wants us to delve into, to feel and engage in a meaningful way.

It literally has up against the wall that the pandemic found us in and asks us if we are finally ready to love ourselves or atleast feel the love that moves in us everyday.

Performing joy and love is suddenly out of the question so we really have to learn about the hard answers to find the soft places that wait on the other side of the honesty in self reflection.

My deep dive into the love that lay unattended in my interior world gave me poetry and brought about The Be Love Project, an IGTV series that rolls out an episode every Sunday.

I have invited young poets, writers, musicians, artists and wellness creatives to join in to share their gifts and talk us through how they use these gifts to create, nurture, walk in and with love.

The aim of the series is to bring the humans who watch it back to the love that exists even when it seems like chaos is the only song 2020 is tuning out.

Don’t be startled when you find some beautiful men in the series, I will be unpacking some shifts that I am allowing the brand to take. The core of what Among The Lilies and its objectives will always be womxn centered but I am also looking into how the reach of the magic can expand on itself.

Please do take some time to lather yourself with the love on the series and feel free to DM @among.the.lilies on Instagram if you would like to participate.

Please remember to always be the love where there is none.

Peace and Love

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