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By Mixo

When speaking about Busiswa, one does not have to say much. We all know that she is the true queen of gqom (and my heart). Her voice? It simply has THAT thing. So much so that I don’t even have have the English vocab to describe it properly. (Which is, of course, ironic because why is it, then, that I am writing a music column? Because I can.)

Busiswa put out a single featuring DJ Maphorisa called Bazoyenza and she has some great collaboration singles from the Coke Studios show. She is just amazing and you can have a listen to some of her music on Apple Music and/or Soundcloud.

Two in one music special, let’s also talk about Bbymutha. When a Twitter mutual posted one of her music videos on the timeline, I was instantly interested, simply because of her name. So I did a little research on her, and I took to her before I even listened to her music.

Bbymutha is a single mother with two sets of twins. She gave birth to her first set when she was 17 and the second when she was 24. I am not here to give you a rundown on her reproductive activity but it plays an important role with regards to her name. She chose to reclaim it after she realised it’s not a bad thing to be a single mother. She began rapping in 2013 and my sis Bbymutha is here for single mothers and making sure they are living their best lives. She covers many things in her songs, everything from motherhood and colourism, to just how trifling men are, her relationships and many other topics.

She has two albums out called Glow Kit (the artwork is inspired by Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Glow Kit) and Weaves. You can check her singles, mixtapes and features on Soundcloud.

Mixo is a young professional and one of the 8 members of the YouTube channel called WeTheNet SA. She enjoys plants, music and being left alone.

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