MOXIE Recommends

MOXIE Recommends – October ‘17

MOXIE Recommends – October ‘17

by tshego and michel’le

Tshego recommends you watch:
Zandi Tisani’s webseries 
‘People You May Know‘ which follows a group of millenials in Joburg. We watch as they navigate their friendship, keeping secrets and fear that they may tear their friendship apart. “People You May Know is very much about my generation,” Tisani said as she spoke to the Bubblegum Club. “People who are kids who graduated around the time of the recession. Stepped out into a world that wasn’t able to accommodate them, you know. They went to varsity and did all the stuff that people tell you to do to secure a stable lifestyle, and we found ourselves coming into an unstable world”.

Michel’le recommends you attend:
Naked Girls Reading at PopArt. At each reading, a small cast of ladies remove their clothing (and I mean all of it) and then proceed to read to the audience. I’ts intimate, it’s honest and it’s nudity all in one. Check out their next show dedicated entirely to queer writers, queer readings and LGBTQI stories from Friday October 20th – Sunday October 22nd.

Tshego recommends you read:
Arundhati Roy’s (author of 
God of Small Things and The Ministry of Utmost Happiness) Vogue interview in which she speaks on Why Happiness is a Radical Act. “Whether fearful or fearless, what happens will happen. It’s idiotic to be fearless, but it’s not worth living in fear. If you lose laughter, then what are you fighting for? Sometimes you just snatch the moment and that’s the only real thing. These fragile victories you snatch and fully live – that’s wonderful in itself”.

Michel’le recommends you listen to:
This throwback podcast from Lady Skollie. 
KISS & TELL with Lady Skollie was a radio show the Cape Town-based artist hosted three years back, that focused on sex, gender, relationships and sexuality. Now I’ve only managed to stumble on the first ep, so Lady Skollie if you’re reading this, pleaaase share the rest!

Tshego recommends you check out:

Thingo Wellness. A newly founded project that seeks to create safe and healthy spaces for womxn, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals who seek intersectional mental health support both physically and digitally. It seeks to collaborate and share practices in order to cultivate holistic wellness that includes mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. I’ve started collecting some information for the project, for those who feel like they need support and encouragement but can’t afford therapy. If you’d like to participate please fill out this form.

Michel’le recommends you order:
Thembekile  Stationary. As if slaying us with her awesomeness wasn’t enough, MOXIE editor Tshego is adding ‘notebook extraordinaire’ to her already impressive repertoire. When I first saw her monthly notebook, I was so stressed because I just knew I needed to have one, and after some pestering from a number of her friends, it’s finally here! These notebooks are gonna be fire, so get your order in as soon as you can! Tshego, I best be first in line 🙂


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