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MOXIE Recommends – Oct. 2020

by tshegofatso senne

The first few months of the pandemic had me digging deep into the internet for things to keep me entertained. This is a short list of some podcasts and artists I’ve really been loving lately. Share some of your faves with us <3 

Broccoli Talk

A podcast for cannabis lovers. Listening to Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey and Lauren Yoshiko speak about one of my favourite plants is the highlight of my months, lately. Two incredibly conscious women, one Asian and one Black, discussing an industry that is massively white and male now. They discuss everything from starting your own cannabis brand, the impact on the environment, cultural appropriation and sex and relationships.

Jamila Woods

I’m looooving Jamila. All her latest songs are titled after GOATS – Eartha Kitt, Zora Neale Hurston, Frida Kahlo, Octavia Butler, James Baldwin… She is so unapologetically Balck and queer I couldn’t help but stan! Her music isn’t bound by genre so take a listen and let me know where you think she could fall and what vibes you get when you listen. My word is: love. 

Where Should We Begin, with Esther Perel

WHEW, a podcast. If you’re looking for something to poke your heart (in a good way) or just warm it – this is it. Esther is an incredible therapist who has the most intimate conversations with people about the relationships in their lives. Those living with depression, others looking to work through childhood issues because they’re having kids, dealing with infidelity while still in love with your partner, and coping with coming out. There’s something in there for everyone, but be warned, it gets weepy so be gentle with yourself as you listen. 

Call Your Girlfriend

A podcast about two besties who live in different parts of the US and just needed something to make them feel closer. They speak about every damn thing you would with a bestie – politics, gossiping, imposter syndrome, romance, pop culture, body image, etc. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and be a fly on the wall with these lovers. They’ve interviewed incredible women and have a book out called Big Friendship. If you’d like to buy me a copy I’ll send my address – cough cough. This is for the romantics out there who weave love into every partnership they have. 

Zoe Modiga

One of my absolute favourite artists. Zoe’s music is so spiritual and heavily rooted in storytelling. Her music takes me back when my parents would take me to jazz festivals with them, introducing me to the greats who have now passed. You can just hear in her musicality that she knows what it means to create music that is heart work and deeply south African. She sings mostly in Xhosa so I don’t understand most of it but listen here, you really don’t even need to. Just listen, feel and enjoy – I guarantee you’ll fall in love. 

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