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Tshego recommends watching skill-based reality shows

By tshego senne –


I’m honestly a sucker for any type of content that allows me a glimpse into the life of creatives from all over. It honestly doesn’t matter what you’re doing, if it shows me the processes of what you’re doing and a glimpse into the lives of creatives you can sign me up!

So I’m sure you can imagine that the past few months have been a gold rush of sorts for me, as Netflix answers my prayers and keeps releasing skill-based reality shows like …

  1. Blown Away

A show about glassblowers! I know I can’t be the only one who’s continuously fascinated by watching glass go from sand, to a hot melted lump of goo and into something so delicately stunning. This is a competitive show so that definitely has a nice fun element to it but honestly I would easily watch these people into their workspaces any day and just watch them evolve in their craft.

There’s so much we know nothing about it and this has given me such a deep appreciation for any glass crockery I have because I never imagined how much skill is necessary to make everyday items. 

There’s currently only one season and it’s on Netflix. 

2. Abstract

Calling every creative imaginable! Illustration, architecture, stage and costume design; if you’re looking for inspiration, some creative processes to expand on your own work or just something interesting to watch, enjoy and learn from all at once – this is it. 

This docu-series takes you through a huge variety of design elements, introducing you to new creatives and taking you through their own journeys and processes. If you don’t find at least one episode that interests you then I can’t help you lol. 

There are two seasons and they’re both on Netflix. 

3. The Great Pottery Throwdown

Another show that had me deeply appreciative for the skills that are needed to craft everyday items. It’s very British so there are a few laughs alongside the actual skills you watch in awe. My personal favourite season is the second one, but honestly, almost every episode of this show is a hit – share your awe with us once you see how pots for plants are made!!

If you’re looking for some ASMR, this is where it’s at. Did someone say Ghost? This is Ghost on steroids, I honestly want to run off into the country and build my own pottery studio now. 

This is a BBC show, with 3 seasons, and I watched all the episodes on Youtube. 

4. Interior Design Matters

Who doesn’t love a makeover show? This is another fave with a competition element. I was surprised by the winner and I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to guess it after watching the first episode.

It was so amazing to be able to watch how the designers grew so much in their processes during the shows, as they were pushed to design settings they’ve never worked with before. I just love a good before and after and watching how differently people interpret spaces. 

Try watching this show and not craving money to redesign your home. I’m sobbing into my wallet. 

There is one season and it’s streaming on Netflix. 

5. Cooking with Cannabis

I won’t lie, I mostly started to watch this show because Kelis is a host; there are few things I wouldn’t support for this woman. Of course, there’s also cannabis AND food so it was really a  trifecta of ‘Tshego’s Favourite Things’ rolled into one (lol, get my pun?).

This show brings in cooks and chefs from a few countries to cook a 3-course meal infused with cannabis and they invite a few comedians to eat, get high while doing it and judge the meals. I didn’t particularly enjoy that each episode was its own competition because it stagnated a bit for me.

The final episode also feels like the show just stops in the middle of nowhere, but it was still a fun show to watch and I learnt quite a bit about different forms of cannabis and how they can be infused to create dynamic dining experiences.  

Season 1 is on Netflix right now. 

6. The Big Flower Fight

I saved my favourite for last because oh my god. This show is INCREDIBLE. I won’t lie, I was biased (yet, again) because the judge is someone I’ve followed on Instagram for ages, Kristen Griffith VanderYacht, a queer florist.

You might think this is a competition for florists, but honestly, it’s a sculpture show, the medium just happens to be plants. There is so much creativity and skill involved in this show and what it demanded of the participants, you’ll be stunned. 

Also biased because my faves won the show – someone please tell me once you’ve watched it because I need to obsess with others!

Season 1 is out now on Netflix.

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