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The Japanese Flowers

by Lily Paulus

Once upon a time in a land like no other, lived three kings… Triton, Blaze and Phanes. They each had one daughter. Triton’s daughter Lily, the Princess of Water. Blaze’s daughter Lilac, the Princess of Fire and Phanes daughter Lotus,  the Princess of life. The princesses loved each other like sisters. One day came a mysterious man who threatened to take over their kingdom but the kings refused to let him and so this man transformed into an evil demon! Blaze tried to stop him but Triton and Phane tried to get Blaze to safety but it was too late, the demon shot Blaze in the heart. He kissed his daughter one last time, the darkness swirled around him and he transformed into a demon too! Triton asked Phanes to get the girls to safety but Phanes was also worried about leaving Triton as they were like brothers. Triton was willing to sacrifice himself for the girls. At that moment Phanes flew down to earth and found a family of two, a husband and wife, they had no children. He wanted to keep his daughter but he knew that someone would have to protect the world from danger. He gave her one last hug and kiss to say goodbye, left her at the front door step and rang the door bell. The husband and wife took the three girls in. It broke Phanes heart but he had to do it, he erased the girls memories and disappeared into the distance.

15 years later …

The three girls ran like the wind to get to school on time when they got there Principle McCalaster took them to the library and told them to arrange all these books there were 12 piles. Soon they found a secret room that had lots and lots of traps soon they found a book with a language they couldn’t read. Once they touched the water they could understand it. Soon the girls discovered their powers and who the dads were soon they had to defeat the demons son. He had them under a spell. The girls soon found a way to get them out of his control they learnt that the boys magic was weak. That wasn’t the problem a huge titan was terrorizing the city. Soon Lily and Lilac were under it’s control she found a way to get into their heads and saved them from his control. They shattered the titan into 10 pieces the king of the demons got 3 of them would Lotus, Lilac and Lily be able to stop his rain of terror………..

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